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Remembering Krista…

Posted: 9th November 2011 by admin in Steve's Story

Card made in memory of Krista Fetkenhauer.

Smile :)

Posted: 11th April 2011 by admin in Steve's Story

A friend from England sent this to me.  I wanted to share this smile with all my other friends.  Pass it along!   Smiling is infectious You catch it like the flu When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too I passed around the corner And someone saw my grin When he smiled [...]

Listen to the radio with me!

Posted: 28th March 2011 by admin in Steve's Story

Hey everyone!  Y100 of Green Bay, WI is the radio station I enjoy listening to.  If you’d like to listen along with me click here. I listen M-F, 11AM to 1PM and sometimes other times as well but those times I’m ALWAYS listening. Feel like sending me a shout out or dedication? hint hint….they do [...]

Steve’s Story

Posted: 3rd March 2011 by admin in Steve's Story

The Wisconsin Justice System, how unfair is it?  I don’t feel there is a “system” of any “justice” at all in the state of Wisconsin.  My name is Stephen Lehman, and I’m currently no longer a member of society in Wisconsin.  I recently plead guilty to 2 counts of burglary in the Milwaukee Court System, [...]